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We are a company focusing on RUT and soon also ROT services in

the Gothenburg region. Call us and our affiliates to get a quick

quote for indoor/outdoor services. Soon our members

will provide for house renovations and extensions.

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Cleaning and outdoor services
Special services
Move services - cleaning

New in RUT & ROT 

Getjob is a newly started company that, through its own and members will conduct quality-conscious RUT and ROT services.

The company and its members prioritize long-term business relationships, which we hope to achieve through good quality and attractive price levels.

Getjob offers a varied service with a concentration on ROT and RUT assignments, but we are open to suggestions that fall outside this framework, so give us a try.

The start-up of the company began in 2020 as a result of the pandemic when many people found it difficult to keep their jobs, but members have for a long time worked with the assignments. 

We have seen an increasing need for RUT and ROT services due to an aging population, but mostly thanks to government incentives to support these missions.

The execution of the assignments initially takes place only in the Gothenburg area, but this will be gradually expanded as we desire to be recognized in the market in the long term.

Standard contracts

We work according to standard contracts that clarify our responsibility for work performed, but can also set up special agreements for larger assignments. Regardless of which contract is the basis for the work, the customer will always retain their rights.

Reliable & Fully Insured

If something has presumably not worked, we can immediately correct the work thanks to a smaller time buffer, or correct it at the next job opportunity, or come back in addition to regular cleaning.

RUT assignments

Home Cleaning

is our focus in the RUT assignments. We can set up different work schedules such as weekly schedules, two-week schedules, or one-time cleanings.


Outdoor Service

We perform a number of outdoor services, some of which are:

Lawn mowing
Garden laughter
Pick fruit
Hedge trimming

We can fix the garden when you are away.

Moving in & out

A move can be relatively demanding and it is often appreciated with cleaning help both in the home you are leaving as well as in the new home.  

We work according to landlords’ checklists or general checklists to carry out the work satisfactorily.

Office Cleaning

Companies can also ask for our service. We clean meanwhile you´re not at the office.

ROT assignments (soon available)

Our member organization

Member companies will provide for most ROT assignments, therefore this page will continuously change as more members with different capabilities are added.


ROT work assignments

30% of ROT related work can be deducted from the invoice. Some examples are:

  • House and apartment construction rebuild/repair and house extensions
  • Excavation and earthworks
  • Glass and sheet metal
  • Heat Water Sanitation (VVS)
  • Masonry and sweeping
  • Painting and wallpapering
  • Wiring

Reliable ROT companies 

As members will provide most ROT service, they will also be responsible for the invoicing. Communication will go through these companies with no triangulation unless this is requested specifically.



Additional services


RUT Services

ROT Services

Basement cleaning

Maybe it needs to be tidied up in the boiler room among the pipes. Get in touch and we will fix it.


Easier problems with your appliances are fixed. We are happy to take a look at the problem to assess what can be done.


IT service

Assignments in data and mobile telephony can be solved, possibly remotely or in your home.

Care taking

We take a walk with you, easier cooking, invoice payments, loud reading, and so on. Contact Us.

Outdoor furniture

If you have unclean outdoor furniture, we can clean them before or after the season.


Special service

We are open to various proposals, but perhaps it is best if it falls within the framework of RUT work.


Lighter painting assignments can be performed at any stage. Member companies provide a full-scale service. 

Cleaning up

When there is a need for a basic building clean-up you are welcome to call us at any time. 

Dry Cleaning

getjob can perform certain maintenance assignments, meanwhile, members have the greater capability. 

The RUT deduction

The Swedish Tax Agency approves deductions for most services in the home for people aged 18 and up. As service providers we deduct 50% on the invoice of the amount related to RUT work services and this 50% is later paid to us by the tax authorities. The deduction is a maximum of SEK 75,000 (*) for private individuals per year. For two people in the household, a maximum of SEK 150,000 can be deducted. Therefore, it is important to know how much has been deducted during the year.

* SEK 75 000 is RUT and ROT combined. (Skatteverket.se)


The ROT deduction

The Swedish Tax Agency, approves deductions for repairs and extension building on your house. You must be 18 years at least.

As service providers we deduct 30% on the invoice of the amount related to ROT work services and this 30% is later paid to us or to our member companies by the tax authorities. The deduction is a maximum of SEK 50,000 for private individuals per year. Several individuals can split the working cost on the same estate as there is no max. limit on the invoice amount. Your deductions during the year are important and can be requested at skatteverket.se 


From 2020, electronic payments apply for home services with a RUT deduction. This means that we accept payments via credit card or through bank payments (bankgiro). For RUT assignments, we do not accept cash. For work not considered RUT, we do receive cash. 


We are insured through liability insurance which means that if we are responsible for something that broke down in your home during our work, it is we who replace this through our hired insurance company.

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What environmental thinking is there in your company?

The company has a sustainability mindset and intends to use mainly detergents without chemicals such as Seventh Generation. Ideally, products labeled with ”Good Environmental Choice and the Nordic Ecolabel” should be used.

A smart selection of products is important where dangerous contents are avoided as much as possible, and where we avoid mixing detergents. We try to use exactly as much liquids as needed without overdosing, which is neither good for our clients nor us as cleaners. We think about the environment and through continuous cleaning, more dangerous chemicals can be avoided to a greater extent.

What happens if something breaks in my apartment during cleaning?

We handle your things with great care and we naturally want it to be clear in the work specification which things in the home are particularly fragile. We also look forward to your informing us about known special treatments that may be needed in your home.

If something goes wrong, there is liability insurance that covers up to larger amounts. Our company and our members are approved for F-tax company in Sweden, which means that we pay our social security contributions.

What foresight do I have to have when I order service from you?

Normally, the anticipation depends a bit on our planning and at the same time, it depends on when you want us to be with you during the day and for how long. After all, the best thing is to have completed schedules so that both you and we know when and how to work, however, we want to be flexible. We should be able to manage 3-5 hours of work within 2-4 days of anticipation.  

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